At KP Glass and Windows, we carry high performance, stylish and secure patio doors for your home.  It allows you to invite the outdoors into your home without sacrificing comfort or security. Patio doors will bring more natural light and make your room brighter, and will bring beauty of outdoor living without going outside. Our patio door is available in several standard sizes in two or four panel configurations and it is also fully customizable to your specific needs.


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1.     All uPVC 5 3/4" frame is multi-chambered to provide maximum strength and thermal efficiency

2.     Operating sashes are fusion welded and include steel reinforcement for added security

3.     A sloped sill and internal weeps ensure optimal water drainage

4.     Triple weather-stripping at side jambs and a full interlock on shahes

5.     Heavy-duty aluminum screen frame with fiberglass mesh and four adjustable rollers





 Grill Options


      Colonial         Georgian 11/16"       Georgian 1"          V-Groove        Beveled Glass          Pencil





Colour Options













Your front entrance door can make a lasting first impression. In fact, having enhanced entryway can add a one greatest effect on your home’s beauty and value.
At KP Glass and Windows, we carry and install variety of high quality steel, laminate entrance doors. Our entrance doors combine beauty, durability, security and energy efficiency. Every entrance doors are custom made, so you can choose the style, decorative details or glass, and solid panel configurations. This can bring your entrance door solid and unique appearance to your house.




Door Configuration


 Available Style










































- custom table top
- window glass replacement
- custom mirror

Bay windows include 3 or more individual windows, and can often be seen on stunning modern homes with turrets or similar structural features. Bow window is a series of 4 or 5 windows and forms an arc shape from the wall of the structure. Both Bay & Bow windows offer benefits to both the interior and exterior of the house. From inside, the windows tend to offer a panoramic view, creating more inner space for room absorbing more natural light (since natural light enters from different directions), and good ventilation from cross breezes. From Outside, adding dimension, and style of bay windows offers a traditional feel with a modern touch. As quick and easy addition, a bay window can add the dramatic effect that turns an overlooked room into something spectacular.



- Add value to the home
- Versatility
- Allow more natural light to enter
- Good ventilation




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